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At the height of the hippy movement, a spiritual road trip to India takes a twisted turn.


Stoned Age Trippers, Travels on Bustopia’, is a semi- autobiography written by Martyn Meegan


let’s go on a trip...

In 2021 Lexicon Film Productions secured the rights to Martyn Meegan's semi-autobiography, Stoned Age Trippers, Travels on Bustopia.
Pre-production is underway with 13 episodes already written and adapted by Myles Petford


‘a story of enlightenment'

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what is the magic bus?

The 1970s were full of optimism, sex and mind altering substances. It was the decade of the Magic Bus, when thousands of young westerners took to the Hippie Trail in search of drugs and pleasure in India, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Full of scrapes, naughtiness and illegality this story is about that Hippie Trail in the 1970s. It is about, finding your true self in the company of rogues. Some found enlightenment, some found love and lots found drugs and money, but Martyn as a true contrarian found trouble. Hired as a Mr Fixit on a Kabul bound bus he found love and money, at one point including a threesome with gorgeous Australian nurses, but being Martyn he managed to lose both.

Sick and addicted he was set adrift in Goa with only a kilogram of hashish for company Martyn came within hours of an ignoble death at the hands of an Afghan drug lord, but he was saved by friends in high places Busted by the CIA he was back to working on the buses of the Hippie Trail. There in the days and months before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan he found substances and sex, until one day the world fell in on him, or more literally a twelve ton bus. Penniless and sick in a paupers hospital all illusion was stripped away and Martyn found himself.


this is that story.

more information coming soon

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