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Official Trailer | Falkland Square

Dave Simms, a homeless Falklands war veteran, has been surviving on the streets for the past 12 years suffering with PTSD. His life revolves around his loyal and loving companion Sally the dog, so when she is suddenly taken ill, Dave must figure out a way to raise funds for her treatment. Lost and desperate, Dave finds a glimmer of hope in the most unlikely of places when he stumbles upon a flower field and a burger van.

Falkland Square (2022)
Directed and Written by Myles Petford
Produced by Jenna Popperwell & Russell Meyers

Falkland Square poster (1).jpg

Falkland Square has is currently in the 22/23 festival circuit  and has been officially selected at several renowned festivals from around the world, including; Manchester, Birmingham, London, Budapest, Hamburg, Dublin & Vancouver.

In November 2023, Lexicon partnered with American Distribution company 'Blood Sweat & Honey' and shall be reaching a North American Market in Spring 2023

Filming took place between September - October 2019 with a 6 week shoot. Due Covid-19 post production was delayed up to nearly a year. The film had its cinema premiere in May 2022 at Cheltenham and London.


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