Falkland Square (2021)
Directed by Myles Petford
Produced by Jenna Popperwell & Russell Meyers
Director of Photography: Stephen Ancell

Behind The Scenes


Falkland Square is based on a true story of Russell Meyers (Great Brittish Entertainment) father. The story was originally pitched in early 2017 to Lexicon co-founder Myles Petford; who shortly adapted it into a screenplay.

The story is one of hope, courage and an unlikely sense of community and friendship when all else seems lost. We are looking to create a strong feeling of empathy among the audience by tackling very sensitive real-life issues. Dave is suffering from PTSD and as a result, he gets terrifying flashbacks daily. We are going to bring to light just how real and difficult mental health struggles are. One in four people in the U.K. will suffer from some form of mental health issue in their life and we aim to make it clear just how challenging things can become without access to treatment or support.


Myles Petford - Director (left) - Russell Meyers - Co-Producer (right)


Great British Entertainment

Lexicon Film Productions is thrilled to announce that we are working alongside 'Great British Entertainment' to bring Falkland Square to life. GBE has a history of making a range of unique features and shorts. 

Pond Productions

Lexicon Film Productions is very excited to announce that we are also working alongside Pond Productions. Pond Productions are a production house based in Perth Australia and fronted by the very talented Jenna Popperwell.

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July 2019


Auditions took place early June and callbacks continued into early July. We are overwhelmed by the number of people who came out to take part. Casting announcement coming very soon, along with more updates.

That's A Wrap

Principle shooting took place in Shropshire on the 17th of August and wrapped in London on the 9th of September. Stay posted on our social media accounts for more information.