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Lexicon Film Productions have once again collaborated with American author Frank Nappi to bring to life is unpublished novel, Twisted Truth. The screenplay has been adapted by Myles Petford into a feature length drama.

In 2023 movie mogul Mike Burkenbine came onboard the project as Executive Producer. Production is due to begin Autumn 2024 with principal photography taking place in Toronto, Canada.




Nicole Westbrook and her husband Chase have everything they could have dreamed of, including illustrious careers, two loving children, and what appears to be a picture-perfect marriage. That is, until Chase’s suggestion to flirt with other people, and the relentless pursuit of Nicole’s stalker, triggers a series of events that exposes the reality of their seemingly perfect world, placing them and their lives in peril. Indeed, Chase’s suggestion drives Nicole unwittingly right into the hands of Dylan Rucker, a store owner whose past, unbeknownst to Nicole,  is inextricably linked to her's through a staggering secret that is ultimately revealed.  Soon after meeting Dylan, he intensifies his threats before blackmailing Nicole into becoming the centerpiece of a twisted game. This bizarre contest forces Nicole to hide the truth from Chase while she completes a series of tasks that are each designed to jeopardize and destroy the relationships in her life that she values most.

more information coming soon

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