Now our film has been distributed to festivals around the world and has passed the official selection process, we are able to release it online.  We are proud to announce that we have been selected to screen at 23 festivals and counting. Stay tuned for festival results.

its a wrap.

And that's a WRAP! Thank you for everybody's hard work. It has been a hard and enjoyable journey. Now the editing process can begin! Stay tuned for updates.


There have been many films/ campaigns to show the effect of sexual assault. People deal with tragedy in different ways; our aim is to show the various different approaches to grief and the dealing with the process. Providing alternative mental and physical outcomes for both characters way of healing. This is a short version of the narrative so that it can get recognized and hopefully provide a helpful understanding and support to the viewers. Our goal is to reach a following and funding big enough so that the short can be transformed into either a mini-series or a feature. 

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July 2017

We'd like to congratulate our director Myles Petford for holding a successful assembly at his former secondary school in Bridgnorth and for securing a premiere at the Majestic cinema. He spoke about our film Cole and discussed it's key themes, mental health and sexual assault. He went on to discuss the upcoming GCSE and A-levels. The film industry and the pressure of career choice.

May 2017

The official poster for Cole.

The final colour grading is being done this weekend. Next stop, festivals.



The promotional campaign for Cole has begun. Support this cause, support this film, share this project & help us raise awareness. Follow us on social media for updates. 

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Bridgnorth, Shropshire ---- Peterborough, Northamptonshire ---- ENGLAND


Thomas Loone
Claudia Archer
Sanj Hayre
Russell Meyers

Thomas Loone (top left), Claudia Archer (top right), Russell Meyers (bottom left) and Sanj Hayre (bottom right)


Cole auditions, West London 2016 - photo credit Nathalie Saleh



Welcome to the homepage for Cole. 

Cole is a film based upon true events, telling the sorrow portrayal of Daisy Cole. Daisy and Jason have been committed to 3 joyful years together and are now expecting their first child. As an outcome of the pregnancy, Daisy is left to resume her days at home, whilst Jason is out working hard to keep them financially secure. One spring morning, Jason surprises Daisy with a project he feels will suppress her boredom. An old beaten down caravan, something to get her teeth into and hopefully somewhere they can spend their holidays when the baby is born. Yet the quietness of the countryside is not all appealing and can become a swallowing barrier for sound, and a consummate setting for a savage attack.

Cole (2017)
Written & Directed by Myles Petford
Produced by Lee Haynes & Myles Petford
Director of Photography: James Essery

concept art