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Daisy Cole is heavily pregnant and is gifted a rundown caravan by her fiancé Jason; with the intension of it being a side project whilst on maternity leave. Over the course of a few weeks we see the progression of what will one day become their holiday home, yet the quietness of the countryside is not all as appealing as once thought, it becomes a swallowing barrier for sound, and a setting for a savage attack. 

Cole (2018)
Written & Directed by Myles Petford
Produced by Lee Haynes


COLE has since been on to win several short film festival awards from around the globe, including Dallas, Germany, Bulgaria and Manchester. During promotion of the film, Lexicon partnered with the mental health charity 'Mind'. The production crew went to a number of events organised by Mind to speak about the film and discus the issues raised in it.

May 2017

Director Myles Petford held a speech at his former secondary school in Shropshire. He discussed the key themes of the film, the pressure of making it within the film industry, and about the upcoming GCSE and A-levels.


Concept Art

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